Payroll outsourcing

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Payroll outsourcingOutsourcing of payroll services is a popular business model in western countries. The same options are now available in Russia, where qualified accountants and bookkeepers complete your company’s reports according to the current governmental regulations and ensure compliance of payroll processes for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

It’s hard enough to operate a company in a foreign country without the need to constantly worry whether your reporting is up to date. will be able to take this responsibility off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on running your business and servicing clients, knowing that your payroll taxes are paid correctly and on time.

Affordable Payroll Solutions in Moscow, Russia

In today’s market, a variety of companies offer accounting services. As within any market, some small business owners might select a service based on price, choosing either the cheapest or most expensive option, based on perceived value. Others would prefer to deal with an experienced firm with a good reputation, regardless of the costs. is able to provide payroll accounting services for companies at reasonable prices, and offer the level of performance comparable with the most knowledgeable practices charging premium rates. Our qualified accountants have a collective experience extending into dozens of years, ensuring disciplined approach and educated choices.

Employee Taxes

The complexity and constant changes in government’s regulations relating to employee rewards dictate the need for continuously updated knowledge for bookkeepers and accountants. Our consultants maintain their qualifications up-to-date by attending government-accredited seminars and courses.

Salary taxes and payments to pension funds must be paid correctly and on time, in order to avoid penalties. Calculations of employee payroll taxes may become complex and without specialized knowledge it’s easy to pay more than needed. Small business owners would benefit from services of a dedicated bookkeeper who can maintain their commitments and ascertain conformity with the current requirements.

Dedicated Account Manager

By outsourcing payroll services to, you will be able to communicate with one person to discuss your needs and operating tasks. It’s like having your own in-house accountant, only cheaper.

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