Restoration of accounting

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Restoration of accountingThere are different situations when it is necessary to restore the account. Do not carry the burden of responsibility, do not make the situation even worse, ask for the professional help! We will help you to prepare for the on-site tax inspection or repair your accounting statements after working with an incompetent accountant.

If you have any doubts concerning the competence of your accountant, you have frequent requests from the tax authorities to clarify this or that figure in your accounting statements, we suggest you making a free express-audit. According to its results, our specialists will determine what assistance you need.

If there are no tax statements, there has been no accounting for a certain time, do not worry, the situation can be changed! Ask for our help and you will see well-placed and well-established accounting after the specified period.

  • Analysis of the current state of accounting and tax record-keeping
  • Restoration of primary documents (if necessary)
  • Formation of ledgers / introduction of necessary corrections
  • Formation of tax ledgers, tax base calculation
  • Formation and submission of corrected / new accounting and tax statements

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