Accounting services for foreign economic activity
Accounting services for foreign companies in Russia
Maintenance and accounting reporting in accordance with IFRS
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Our company was registered in 2006. We provide professional accounting and reporting for legal entities, representative offices and branches of foreign companies of any field of activity.

Extensive knowledge in the field of finance, budgeting, accounting, as well as the experience of successful cooperation with enterprises – all this allows us to create a reliable accounting service.

We deduce your organization’s accounting department to a higher level of reliability and timeliness compared to accountants working part-time, and also reduce the company’s expenses compared to the cost of full-time accounting staff.

Accounting services

Accounting servicesAccounting procedure of an enterprise must be committed to experts whose experience is more than several years. It is necessary that their knowledge should be documented by Certificate and Diploma.

Correct and competent organization of accounting and managerial process enables to economize money, avoid penal sanctions applied by authorities, decrease financial risk.

Unfortunately, Russian legislation is far from being perfect, since it is always subject to changes. As a consequence the accountants often have problems in respect of using new standards, new rules in financial accounting and tax calculation.

When accounting is given to a specialized company, key decisions are made by a team of professional accountants who have proper Certificates, but not by the only accountants available at the enterprise. The number of companies covering accounting has increased in Moscow lately. It is derived from the fact that more and more heads of companies take decisions in favor of outsourcing accounting it being very economical and profitable.

Our company has been specializing in accounting for over 8 years.

How do we working?

Each client is given to a chief accountant who has a wide experience in a particular field. The activities may include wholesale trade, retail trade, building production or services. Reasoning specific features of the process, there may be foreign economic, import, export operations as well as the ones dealing with purchase and sale of currency and various operations with stock. The team of junior accountants is appointed conformably.

To maintain accounting in representative agencies, branches of foreign companies and companies with foreign capital, our company provides an English-speaking chief accountant. Further operation is performed according to the service to meet your requirements.

On practical grounds we can offer the most popular variants:

  1. Complete accounting delivered by our professional highly-qualified team using our services and accounting software.
  2. Restoration of accounting.
  3. Outsourcing of payroll services.


Cooperation with us is a step up for your company.
All our specialists have a wealth of experience in accounting statements for companies of any scale, so we are sure in the quality of our services. You will not worry about your accounting statements as soon as you work with us! Moreover, you will get the following:
Excellent accounting with low expenses
Free consultations for our clients concerning accounting reports
Savings on the salary of permanent accountants
Monthly analytical reports for your company management
Special offers
for start-up
The shortest possible time of transition of a company to the International Financial Reporting Standards
Our professional
liability is insured
Successful experience
in passing Big4 audits


We will advise you on the main ways to correct and prevent errors in accounting and tax accounting.


We will call you back within 15 minutes and explain how to do it.

We provide FULL accounting services for the successful set up and continued operations of representative offices and branches for foreign legal entities!

Advice on potential financial and tax risks involved with foreign investment in the Russian Federation
Every transaction we consider from the point of view of Russian legislation and always explain to the client all the risks and ways to avoid them. You will receive advice as often as you would like
On-going preparation of all necessary reports for the tax inspectors
You will feel protected because all responsibility for reporting lies with us. This will be confirmed by an agreement
Assistance with registering a new local entity and choice of the most advantageous taxation scheme
Our qualified specialist will help you with preparing a package of documents necessary for registration, explain to you all the details and steps of the registration process in English, preparing you a financial plan taking into account the specifics of your business for choosing the most beneficial tax scheme. You will be able to see which of the taxation systems is most beneficial for you
Recommendations and set up of an optimal local accounting system and all processes
Based on our experience and knowledge, you will receive all the necessary recommendations and preliminary calculations of tax payments. At the initial stage, we will explain to you every step that is necessary for building accounting and avoiding any risks

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