Complete accounting

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Complete accountingComplex service with the use of our server and accounting software accomplished by our company implies processing basic documents, accounting all operations as well as accounting in full measure including all possible consultations provided by the authorities and staff of the client company. It is very convenient for small and medium-level business since it radically decreases the cost of accounting without sacrifice of its quality.

Apart from ordinary services rendered by the outsourcing company, you can inquire various of documents, references, detailed calculations and get consultations relating to economic agreement, contract with customers or suppliers, tax assessment

Current accounting implies:

  • Development of recording policy and forms of basic accounts and records;
  • Accounting of all kinds and indication of the information in 1C software;
  • Tax recording of the company and making up a calculation register for the tax on profit;
  • Payroll preparation and calculation of deduction to budget and non-budget funds;
  • Preparation of financial documents and tax declarations, submitting those to control and statistic bodies;
  • Control and analysis of accounts receivables and accounts payables;
  • Recommendations relating to taxation;
  • Analysis of current and new business contracts and situations

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