Accounting outsourcing services for international trade

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Accounting for companies involved in international trade is associated with many financial risks, legal and tax issues, and language barriers in communication with foreign counterparties. Lack of experience and knowledge in this area can negatively affect the reputation of your firm. Accounting services to support international trade involve specific postings in reporting accounting transactions, loads of documents, calculations of exchange rate differences and customs duties. Most documents must be created in 2 languages, which increases the document flow and entails more inspections by tax authorities.

Russian Accountant’s professional accounting services to support international trade is an opportunity to delegate your cash flow management to highly qualified experts that have the required level of knowledge, competence and many years of experience. Our specialists know all aspects of customs and tax legislation to the letter. Read also the article on payroll outsourcing services.

Service Cost*
For companies conducting international trade: from RUB 30,000/month
— creating entries on bookkeeping and tax accounts
— payroll calculation, payroll taxes
— foreign exchange transactions, formation of financial results, tax mitigation, reduction of tax risks
— formation of the cost of imported goods in accordance with customs declarations, import contracts, costs of brokerage services (including all additional costs), and accounting for settlements with foreign suppliers
— preparing and submitting reports to the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation and statistics authorities


  1. Not а public offer.
  2. Taxes (VAT, Simplified Taxation) not included in the price.
  3. State duties and charges not included in the price.

Accounting Services to Support International Trade — Professional Approach and Satisfaction Guarantee

Outsourcing your international trade accounting services to professionals will bring you the following benefits:

  • reduce financial risks and penalties imposed by the regulatory authorities to zero;
  • delegate the task of preparing reports to subject matter experts;
  • take into account all tax and legal aspects of Russian and foreign legislation in international trade accounting;
  • prepare necessary documents and reports in a short time frame;
  • optimize taxation;
  • outsource the entire functionality of the international trade department and reduce the cost of maintaining staff;
  • document import and export operations, calculate exchange rate differences and customs duties in accordance with the last changes made to 2015 legislation.

Why choose Russian Accountant

Here are the key reasons why clients choose our international trade accounting services:

  • Our accountants’ fluency in foreign languages ​​allow to reduce language barriers in communication with your foreign partners, clients and financial institutions.
  • We provide individual consultations on a variety of international trade accounting issues.
  • You can outsource any scope of work to us — from individual operations to full support of your global business.
  • Our experts will optimize the tax exposure of your business.
  • 10 years of experience working with foreign companies help solve problems of any complexity in a quick and efficient manner.


Use our company’s accounting outsourcing services to support your international trade and rest assured that your business is safe, stable and in full accordance with law!